Manchester United vs Everton Match Review

Louis Van Gaal’s red army marched upon and claimed victory at Goodison Park on a fine Saturday evening, winning by an impeccable score of 3-0, a result which many did not expect. Here is a match review

From Manchester United’s point of view it was all merry and joyful, the players could be seen enjoying the game and playing as if they were at home. There were a few problems and mistakes in between but they did not have any severe effect thanks to David De Gea’s legs and Chris Smalling’s head, had it been Manchester City though, the story would have been completely different, so some of the defensive problems need to be taken care of before the two big games (against Moscow and City). The change in midfield actually had a huge impact on how the game was played out, majorly in the first half, in fact, the change, i.e. Morgan Schneiderlin netted his and the team’s first goal in the match. The second goal by Herrera was brilliant as well, with a beautiful cross from Rojo who seems to be back in form, let’s hope he stays the same. The real eye catcher however was Wayne Rooney’s goal to seal it all up and win the game for them, he finally ended his goal drought after he whizzed a ball past Tim Howard to score against his old club (what a way to end a drought). Special mentions go out to Ander Herrera who deserved every minute of the match he played and to Chris Smalling along with  David De Gea who have been ever so consistent and crucial members of their defense.

Now from Everton’s point of view, the story was not so merry. Any side would hate to lose 3 points at home, and to give them away on a platter is even worse, well that is exactly what Everton did on Saturday. With a team climbing up the table so rapidly and playing so well, many expected Everton to score if not win, however they were not able to do even that. There is no denying the fact that Romelu Lukaku is a brialliant player and has been in very good form since the beginning of the season, but the way he played this game said otherwise, true he created chances, but no one was there to take them, he didnt take a lot of chances himself and all in all wasnt playing like the Lukaku we all are so used to seeing. Other than that, defensive problems were evident during the match and evolved over time, with the players simply giving the ball away most of the times, in fact, the third goal was a  major error by the captain, Phil Jagielka, so there is still room for improvement in what seemed to be a great team this season.

Both the sides now head into round 10 against the clubs which occupy the two top spots on the table and with MUFC flying to Moscow for the Champions League, thing are going to get tougher for them it would be interesting to see what this weekend brings to both the teams.

Bhavdeep Singh


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