Manchester United vs West Bromwich Albion Match Review

An interesting match took place at Old Trafford between Manchester United and West Bromwich Albion in which Manchester United came out on top after a brilliant finish by Lingard and a late penalty by Mata. Let’s take a look at some facts and statistics and discuss the overall game.

From the Manchester United point of view, I think Louis Van Gaal would be relieved to finally see a win after a row of draws in the premier league, also, with Lingard scoring an absolutely stunning goal, his “philosophy” has been proved to be somewhat correct once again.

The very first quarter of the game wasn’t so well as chances were not created and the players looked uneasy though they dominated possession, in the final few moments of the first quarter, chances came about but were missed and after about 2-3 such chances, Manchester United had decided that they would score, or so it seemed during the closing moments of the first half.

The gaffer may have said something either highly inspiring or highly provocative during the half time period because when they stepped back out on the pitch for the second half, Manchester United played VERY differently than they did in the first. Ball control was more along with the added benefit of possession which led to the creation of more chances. The defence seemed stronger and so did, after a long long while, the captain. The increased ball control also led to the tearing apart of the West Brom defence which ultimately led to Lingard scoring his first Manchester United goal and in a brilliant manner as well, with a shot right outside the box and into the inner walls of the goal missing Myhill by quite some distance.

The game continued in a similar fashion till West Brom made two substitutions, Sadio Berahino and Rickie Lambert on for James Morrison and Salomon Rondon respectively. As many would expect, the game picked up pace after that, West Brom started coming out at last and United started taking a few more chances, things looked way better for both teams, have to say though, they looked better for united at that moment. In such an event, Herrera, who was subbed on for Wayne Rooney during the final third, passed the ball to Martial, who made the run towards the box, but was taken down unfairly by McAuley which led to a penalty.

Juan Mata smashed the ball home in a fashionable manner to seal up the victory for the reds.

Overall, Manchester United look a bit dangerous after their win against Moscow, a few problems remain, but they will go away in  little bit. West Brom faced their first goal in an away game so they would be disappointed, all I can say is, Jhonny Evans defended quite well, but one functional defender cannot save everything that comes to him. Conceding a penalty and ultimately a goal in injury time can never be good. For me, they need Berahino to start in the big games along with Lambert instead of Rondon, who can be subbed at half time, because hate it or love it, a game against Manchester United is a big game.

Bhavdeep Singh
Image Source: The Guardian


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