The Problem With Chelsea This Season

Much thought has gone into the situation with Chelsea FC, who, after another loss in the Premier League, are at 16th position. This comes as a surprise to many as they were the Champions of the 2014-15 season and by quite some distance. Let’s take a look at the problems that they face to put them in such a situation

1. An Unstable Manager

While many call him the best in the world, and quite rightly so given his record, but Jose Mourinho has been a little off balance of late. Ever since the very first match of the season, he has been accused of and ridiculed for blaming others for the losses of his team (that too, ignoring the problem with the referees that he had last season). The first match, which ended in a draw against Swansea at Stamford Bridge would still be the most bizzare one, in which he blamed the medic, Eva Carneiro for going to the pitch to help an seemingly hurt Eden Hazard while he was left screaming and gesturing frantically.
Jose is indeed a smart man who can win games and change the shape of a team with a snap of his fingers, but lately he seems to be shaken up a bit, that could be because of the pressure he is facing after experiencing constant losses or because of the ongoing confusion to avoid more. Whatever it is, the man needs to get to terms with his team and lay down a game plan, he needs to take the blame on himself and try to rectify the mistakes that he makes. By blaming the staff, the players or the referees, he is simply leading the team towards a relegation battle instead of one for the title.
‹If he does, in fact, continue like this, it could be the end of his managerial career at Chelsea

2. A Striker On A Rampage

After missing most games of the second half of last season, Diego Costa, wishes to retain the impression that he made in the earlier half of it as a fierce striker, but he seems to have done far from that. His hot headed nature, which is a skill he must be proud of (given that he uses it in every game), is getting out of control, I would not hesistate to say that he would rather pick up a fight with any given defender rather than score a goal. His angry nature can be of great use and advantage if used properly with his skills but things can take a turn for the worse (as they already have and continue to) if it is not.
His incident with Gabriel in the match versus Arsenal at Stamford Bridge could be used as an example. We all know what happened, both lost their cool and acted unprofefssionally, it resulted in Gabriel getting a red card leaving Arsenal vulnerable at 10 men, but the red card was later withdrawn and Costa served a three match ban for improper conduct. He can be used as a player who can get a player sent off, but only if he thinks in the same way, if he fights just for the sake of fighting then things could get bad for him.
Overall, he needs to change the way he plays and needs to get his head into the game, there is no question of his skills, but the referees are as ready to pull out a red card as he is to throw a punch on a defender, so he must remain focused and score, the fight can wait for later.

3. An Underperforming Star Player

We all know about this one, and it was perhaps the most shocking, Eden Hazard’s form has suddenly gone down. As the player for the season for the last one, Eden Hazard was expected to make a brilliant return this season, but after 12 matches, all hope is lost. It came as a dissapointment to many, including myself, who had included him in their Fantasy Premier League teams. He is the kind of the player who dominates possession, dribbles and finshes, along with being brilliant in these aspects, he also tends to stitch the team together, making them act as one unit, especially in the front. But ever since he has hit his draught, words have barely come out of his mouth and the team is more disassociated than ever. Now, he is the kind of player, who keeps possession if he is lucky, dribbles if he is lucky and never finishes and that is not how football at the top tier is played.
Without his skill, Eden Hazard is pretty much dead weight and a burden for the team to carry, he, like Costa, must get his head into the game and regain his form to get Chelsea back to a spot where they belong.
Hazard has the capability to singlehandedly win the title for the team, but with the way that he has played recently, winning even a game seems tough.
‹4. A Strangely Inactive Defender
This was perhaps as surprising as Hazard. Branislav Ivanovic was a well respected defender till last season, but much like Hazard, his form has gone down this season and by quite a lot. He is constantly bullied by attackers and is quite confused when in possession of the ball, which leads to rash decisions, incorrect passes and in some cases, goals. The game against Southampton was one that probably gives him nightmares till date, it was a horrific game for him in which he was bullied as much in 90 minutes as a boy is in his entire adolescent life. The sight of goals being scored against you by the man you were supposed to be marking is never a good sight and Branislav Ivanovic has seen it quite a few times now, he must either be dropped or improve if he wishes to stay
It’s true that the Champions of England are facing a lot of problems in their cmapaign, can they come back or are they on the road to the championship? That only time will tell. For now, they need improvemnt, and a lot of it.
Bhavdeep SIngh

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