A Week Of Constant Let Downs For Manchester United

Written By: Bhavdeep Singh

As many of us know, this week has not been the best for Manchester United. As they were held at 0-0 at home against West Ham in the Premier League, only two days later, they were knocked out of the Champions League after losing 3-2 to VFL Wolfsburg and as if that wasn’t enough, Louis Van Gaal faced more pressure after a disappointing 2-1 loss against Bournemouth.


It is, of course a bit late to cover and review the West Ham game, but I would like to go into a little depth since it was the start of something woeful. As the players stepped out on the pitch, the fans were hoping for a victory or at least a goal in the first 20 minutes or so. Despite Rooney’s absence after an ankle injury, the lineup was a star studded one. However, after the 10-15 minute mark, it seemed like the players stopped trying to score.

The team did keep possession, but what use is that when you aren’t attacking? I would like to point out that De Gea played very well on the day and made some major saves again, and for me, was the best player on the field, but that is not a reason to give him the ball every time. Incessant and unnecessary passing in the defence was and has been a big problem for United. After a dull and drab half, the expectations of people rose when they started creating a few chances, but none could be put behind the line. This is where Louis Van Gaal started facing a lot of criticism and fans started looking for alternatives.


The criticism only grew from there as on Tuesday, Manchester United lost a dramatic match against Wolfsburg. It was a do or die match for them and several fans were quite unhappy about the lineup, with a great amount of injuries, quite a lot of young players were present, which did not please the already perturbed fans. Along with defensive mistakes, especially around the 80th minute, Manchester United conceded a third goal leading them right out of the Champions League, the European dream is not over though as they face FC Midtjylland in the Europa League in February.

Manchester United v VfL Wolfsburg - UEFA Champions League Group Stage - Group B

The final blow came on Saturday when the reds seemed more determined than ever to silence their critics, but, since major players like Schweinsteiger, Rooney and Smalling were absent, there was a lot of turmoil. After conceding a goal right from the corner by Junior Stanislas, the team tried hard to equalise and succeeded when Fellaini was able to get the ball in after a good save to a Depay shot. The fans though of it to br another draw but were too hasty in making that decision and were silenced after Bournemouth hit back to take the lead once more after a very strange goal. By strange of course I mean a goal that should not have been conceded. The reds lost 2-1 to Bournemouth and face Norwich city at home tomorrow, even though they retained their fourth position, they wont be there for long if they continue to play like this.


Manchester United must find a way to get back on its feet or the team may just face the worst of situations.



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