Manchester United vs Norwich City Match Review

Written By: Bhavdeep Singh

Another match ended in disappointment as Manchester United lost 2-1 at home to Norwich City in a surprising turn of events. The match was a must-win one for Manchester United and Louis Van Gaal after facing a plethora of let downs in the previous week. It also celebrated Wayne Rooney’s 500th appearance for Manchester United but all that was forgotten as the final whistle blew.


For the first 10-15 minutes, the game was in Manchester United’s hands, constantly attacking, looking dangerous in midfield and regulating the play, they almost got a goal, but it was declared as an offside. After around 18 minutes, the play shifted, Norwich started moving the ball about, and Manchester United kept on attacking, it wasn’t long before Cameron Jerome figured it out and scored on the counter. Old Trafford was shunned.

Do you have what it takes to write? Show us:

Manchester United were losing 1-0 at home to Norwich City at Half Time


Now, more determined than ever to score, United started attacking in greater numbers, Smalling and Jones moved just a little closer to the centre, and the attackers gave their best shots, Young and Memphis were crossing the ball but there were no takers and no finishers (yet again). This continued for 7 minutes until Alexander Tettey scored a magnificent goal to extend the visitors’ lead.


At last, Van Gaal had the sense to sub Fellaini for Herrera to bring in that element of excitement and the effect was clear, Herrera kept the ball, dribbled it and brought new life to a decaying and frustrated lineup. It wasn’t long before Martial struck a goal to pull one back for the hosts and the crowd went wild. There was hope for a draw or a win.


This hope was rekindled when Chris Smalling almost scored but headed it a bit too wide, but after that, all hope was lost. Half the fans left in the 88th minute and half of them started booing after the final whistle.

It was indeed a crazy turn of events as Manchester United’s long standing record of being unbeaten at home was shattered by a team that was promoted this year, this was also their 3rd consecutive loss and potentially Louis Van Gaal’s last game as manager of Manchester United as fans are hellbent on appointing Jose Mourinho.



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