Arsenal vs Manchester City Match Review

Written By: Bhavdeep Singh

Arsenal hosted Manchester City on Monday night for the final game of week 17 of the Barclays Premier League which saw them come out on top with a scoreline of 2-1. Here’s a match report and review.

The game began like one of ping pong, the ball was rolling in both halves with ease with the defenders and midfielders of both the teams handling the pressure well. It wasn’t long before Kevin De Bruyne got a chance for Manchester City, but hit it right at Cech who had dived at the near post. De Bruyne got another chance after a couple of minutes, which he probably would replay in his head a number of times after the defeat, when he got the ball right outside the box, and the shot it inches away from the far post.


While City remained goalless, Arsenal caught them off guard, Mesut Özil has been fantastic this season and added another assist to his list as Theo Walcott shot right past Hart with an impeccable finish. Arsenal’s confidence was high and the same could not be said for the visitors, this played out right before half time as Giroud, again assisted by Özil, doubled the lead.

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The second half, was pretty dull for the first ten minutes, but after that came the saves. Both teams created more and more chances, but the goalkeepers were fantastic, Joe Hart made a crucial save while Cech made many. City played the second half way better and were well organised up front, this led to more and more chances, which made it quite clear that a goal was coming as it did in the 82nd minute with a brilliant finish by Yaya Toure. Cech was on fire that night, but that shot could not be stopped even by him.


Arsenal came really close to sealing it off but the shot went right over the crossbar and that ended it, Arsenal claimed victory at home against yet another Manchester side this season, and I believe Wenger would be quite happy with how the team played, and barring the urgency in the second half, one couldn’t say the same for Pellegrini, are we looking at a bid on Guardiola to replace Pellegrini? Only time will tell.


Picture Credits: The Telegraph and Screamer


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