Louis Van Gaal : Manager In Danger

Written By: Bhavdeep Singh

Louis Van Gaal has reportedly been given a period of two matches to save his job as manager of Manchester United, these matches being an away game to Stoke followed by a home game to Chelsea.


The Dutchman has faced a lot of criticism in recent weeks because of how his team has been performing and quite rightly so, being knocked out of the Champions League in the group stage, having no wins in 6 consecutive matches and of course the two shameful defeats against Bournemouth and Norwich City. To top it off, LVG has undermined the talent of numerous players, the most important ones being Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez and Victor Valdes and with his ‘philosophy’ has made a dull and drab match plan which is boring to watch and boring to discuss, hence I am not going get into the details of it.


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On Wednesday’s press conference, Louis sat for 5 minutes before storming off angrily. He believes that he deserves an apology from the press because he has been targeted and while the counter argument of a journalist, that he should expect it, is justified, I do sympathise with him to an extent for he isn’t a bad person.


A day after this charade, The Sun published their newspaper with this on the cover page.


Now this is outright humiliating, fine, he does not deserve an apology, but to make a mockery out of a person’s feelings is simply insensitive, this is an example of why people have become more robotic and less sentimental about their business.

Jokes and criticisms apart, LVG has a lot to prove in the next few weeks and for that, I bid him good luck, however if things do not work out, at least he can walk out feeling that he stayed longer than Moyes.


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