8 Things Manchester United Fans Are Tired Of Hearing

Written By: Bhavdeep Singh

I know what you thought when you saw the title but no, I’m not trying to make this the next Buzzfeed or the next ScoopWhoop, but there are things that we, as Manchester United fans, are tired of hearing and the given sites clearly don’t care for that (or football in general) so that’s why we decided to do it. So let’s dig in, here are the 8 things Manchester United fans are tired of hearing

 1) Do you even watch football?

This is probably the most common taunt out there, at least out here in India. Just because someone told you that they like Manchester United but they don’t watch football does not mean that all Manchester United fans do the same, I mean at least Old Trafford is nice and full on a match day (looking at you Manchester City)


2) You guys overspend too much

So? I’m not going to deny that we have been paying a little too much for our recent signings BUT the sponsorship money we have generated compensates for it especially with Financial Fair Play. Too business-ey for you? Well then don’t talk about it.


3) The days of Manchester United are gone, move on!

This is mostly a city or a real supporter, first off, one does not simply ‘move on’ from a club, also, relax for god’s sake, we’re facing the biggest managerial change in football history, allow us to settle and we’ll be back before you know it


4) You live in the past and have no achievements in the present

I’m going to blame most of the fans for that, true, we do like to dwell in the past, because we have a rich history and true, the present is not all that good for us, but again, I seriously believe we’ll be back sooner than most of you think. Even clubs like Real Madrid are nowhere right now in terms of achievements so relax.


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5) The refs are biased towards Manchester United

You’ve got to be idiotic or mentally unfit to say that, refs are humans and are bound to make errors, if they do make a few which turn out to be in our favour, it doesn’t mean that they’re biased. (If you want to talk about Howard Webb, talk to me personally after a good amount of research, I can’t write my entire argument here)


6) Manchester United are a mid table team

With the exception of the 2013-14 season, we’ve finished in the top four every time in the last 10 years, we’re at 5th now, your argument will only be valid if we don’t qualify for UCL this year (it’s 2016)



7) Players who come to Manchester United ruin their careers

First off, players come to Manchester United because of the reputation of this club, and if they ‘can’t adjust’ to the game, you can’t blame the club. Fine, things didn’t work with greats like Falcao and Di Maria, nothing can be done now, we just move on and so do they.


8) Too many failed bids

Bale, Otamendi, Pedro, Neymar and countless others, some of these aren’t even authentic, also, we try to get the best in the world to the club, if not possible, we move on. Fine, City outbid us on Otamendi but look at Smalling, Chelsea outbid us on Pedro, but the guy is struggling to move the ball properly. Are you seriously out of reasons to hate us to such an extent that you need to judge our transfers? Get a life man!


These are just some of the taunts we receive regularly, if we’ve missed something out, do mention it in the comments and never forget, hated, adored but never ignored, we are Manchester United


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