FA Cup Roundup and Draw Results

Written By: Bhavdeep Singh

The teams of the Premier League played the third round of the ‘unpredictable’ FA Cup, here is a summary of the matches

Exeter City 2-2 Liverpool FT

Liverpool played their second team away to Exeter City but drew 2-2 thanks to a silly mistake by  Ádám Bogdán.


Wycombe 1-1 Aston Villa FT

A similar draw took place with Aston Villa who were away to Wycombe

Watford 1-0 Newcastle FT

The newly promoted Watford defeated Newcastle at home to qualify for the next round, could Newcastle come back to winning ways against Manchester United? Time will tell.

Doncaster 1-2 Stoke City FT

Nothing special to say, expected them to win given their form

Norwich City 0-3 Manchester City FT

Another newly promoted club, Norwich City, wasn’t granted the same fate as Watford after a thrashing by Manchester City at home


Birmingham 1-2 Bournemouth FT

Bournemouth is the second newly promoted club to advance to round four and by two great goals

Arsenal 3-1 Sunderland FT

Arsenal enjoyed a comfortable win over Sunderland at home, can the table toppers win the FA Cup again?

Arsenal v Sunderland, Great Britain - 9 Jan 2016

Everton 2-0 Dag & Red FT

Again, never doubted it, Everton have been quite strong this season and playing at home was just an added bonus


West Ham 1-0 Wolves FT

The hammers have been unbeaten for almost a month now, one could not expect a second tier team to counter that

West Brom 2-2 Bristol City FT

It was an evenly matched game in my opinion, but hit by the comeback, West Brom equalised in the 5th minute of injury time to save the game

Southampton 1-2 Crystal Palace FT

Not the result I was expecting but kudos to Crystal Palace on winning, can they continue this way against Aston Villa?

Manchester United 1-0 Sheffield United FT

The same old boring Manchester United hosted Sheffield United at home and won what looked like a draw thanks to an injury time penalty


Oxford 3-2 Swansea City FT

Quite a strange turn of events for Swansea, again, not the result I was expecting

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Chelsea 2-0Scunthorpe FT

The defending champions continue their winning ways under Guus Hiddink after a comfortable home win

Tottenham 2-2 Leicester City FT

While a late penalty allowed Manchester United to advance to the next round, it stopped Leicester City from doing the same, this was perhaps the most eventful match of the round, a replay wouldn’t really hurt the viewers


The FA Cup 4th Round draw took place on Monday,here are the fixtures

Derby County vs Manchester United
Arsenal vs Burnley FC
Nottm. Forest vs Watford FC
Crystal Palace vs Stoke City
TBD vs West Ham
TBD vs Everton
TBD vs Chelsea
TBD vs Manchester City
TBD vs Bournemouth

The matches will be played on 30th January 

The TBDs will be decided after the replays, here are the fixtures for them

20th January
Aston Villa vs Wycombe
Bristol City vs West Brom

21st January
Leicester City vs Tottenham
Liverpool vs Exeter City


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