Manchester United vs Southampton FC Match Review

Written By: Bhavdeep Singh

This one will be short and sweet, well, not all that sweet, a little bland if you will, the reason behind it is simple, it was boring. There’s not much to write about, other than the fact that both teams need tremendous improvement, especially Manchester United

The match began with a little energy from both teams, United looked set to attack and were distributing the ball, the saints made a few attempts but didn’t ask much of De Gea, the match got boring as the midfield battle dragged on till half time.


The second half did not see a lot of advancements, though a lot of pundits criticised Louis Van Gaal about his style of play, and quite rightly so, Fellaini was replaced by Mata, who tried to bring life to the squad, but all was in vain as chances were created but never finished, the situation was pretty similar for Southampton.


As I said, there was seriously nothing in the match to talk about, the most interesting part was the rat that came on the pitch in the middle but because of midfield battle took so long, it was just like a boring round of ping pong. Sadly, the saints won the midfield battle and got a corner and debutant Charlie Austin scored his first goal for them.


This match also marked the return of Adnan Januzaj to Old Trafford but it did not end well for him as the reds lost to saints at home, again.


All I can say is, we are doomed, there will be another article about the situation of Manchester United in the next few days where I can go deep into it, but we certainly need a change, in the style of play or the manager, whatever it is, it needs to change, we simply cannot win a game of football like this.

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