Update : Site Status and Changes

Written By : Bhavdeep Singh



And we are back again, or will be soon enough.

While there will not be any more posts this week, this article is to declare a grand re-opening of sorts. The site is undergoing a few changes, nothing major but a few visually pleasing and notable tweaks.

  1. Potentially More Writers and More Content : It’s pretty obvious that most of the content deals with a few teams, but we’re aiming to add more content about more teams by putting in more effort and more people (again, the “join us” tab is open for all and you can give it a shot if you wish). Most importantly, we wish to give you all the updates as soon as possible to make this your go to place for everything football.
  2. A league table : As was seen on the site hosted by “blogger”, a league table is a nice addition to a football blog, and we are aiming to put one up soon enough
  3. Dealing with more stuff : While we are waiting to expand to other platforms (podcasts, youtube etc.) we are looking forward to bringing you more than just reviews and reports, the readers are in for a lot when the next season starts so just strap yourselves in.

That does it for the updates, you’re free to drop anything that you’d like to see that we’ve missed out in the comments down below and we will be sure to have a look at it

Till next week then


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