West Ham vs Arsenal Match Report and Review

Written By : Bhavdeep Singh

Match Report

The Gunners travelled to Upton Park with hopes of defeating West Ham after the reverse fixture (Matchweek 1) hadn’t gone their way. They were, however, unsuccessful as they were held to a point in a six goal thriller further lessening their chances at the title

Although West Ham got the ball behind the net first, a suspicious offside decision allowed Arsenal to open the scoring after Alex Iwobi set up Mesut Özil in the 18th minute with a superb ball. Iwobi further helped Alexis Sanchez to make it 2-0 by the 35th minute and the gunners looked confident as ever.


The joy, however was short lived as Andy Caroll struck twice (44th and 47th minute) to equalise before the whistle for half time was blown.

Arsenal’s title hopes came crashing down in 160 seconds

It wasn’t very surprising to see West Ham dominating the game for quite some time when the second half began and as a result of that Andy Caroll completed his hattrick in the 52nd minute to give the Hammers the lead that they were looking for.


Both teams got equal chances after that and the game was much like that of tennis with the ball going in each half one by one. It was then in the 70th minute when Laurent Koscielny (assisted by Danny Welbeck through a fortunate deflection) struck the net that the away stand rejoiced as the remainder of the stadium fell silent

With 20 minutes remaining and a win is essential for both teams, the game of tennis resumed; both created chances but neither finished, but the match did and that was that

It was 3-3 at full time and it was clear that neither of the teams was happy about it

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Key Players


  1. Alex Iwobi
  2. Mesut Özil
  3. Alexis Sanchez

West Ham

  1. Andy Caroll
  2. Dimitri Payet
  3. Aaron Cresswell

On Both Teams’ Future

Arsenal are in a real jam, being a team that has a shot at the title, they seem to be throwing away their chances with such results, and it isn’t just this one. The team looked very strong and confident by August 2015 but it has gone down the hill from there. They either must improve or its time to say goodbye to Arsene Wenger


The same goes for West Ham to some extent, they look dangerous at the moment and they need to continue that, while it was a good game for them, such comebacks come around rarely, they must polish their game if they are seriously considering the top 4 or 5. They are still in the FA Cup and will face Manchester United in a replay match at Upton Park on Tuesday, they must focus on that as well. If they crack under pressure, West Ham could seriously throw away a good campaign


With a win, Arsenal could have maintained the gap between them and Manchester City, who won yesterday at the Etihad, and lessen the one between them and Spurs subject to their match against Manchester United later today. West Ham could have taken fifth position to give a shot to the top 4, however that will not be the case even if Manchester United, who are at 5th at the moment, lose their next game which gives West Ham a clear disadvantage.

Well that should conclude it, the title race for this season is very interesting and it will be very interesting to see what happens after today’s fixtures as league leaders Leicester City face Sunderland  and challengers Tottenham Hotspurs face Manchester United.

Picture Credits: The Guardian



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