Jose Mourinho to Manchester United Confirmed?

Written By: Bhavdeep Singh

Ex Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has reached extremely close to replacing Louis Van Gaal as manager of Manchester United according to Sky Sports and BBC Sport.

Apparently, the agent of the Portuguese manager, Jorge Mendes is due to fly to England from China on Tuesday to negotiate a deal that would see the the 53-year-old in charge of the club.

Manchester United seem to have lost all faith in Louis Van Gaal after his “philosophy” did not help them qualify for the Champions League, and even after a FA Cup win last night, he seems all set to be released.

Jose Mourinho on the other hand has been out of action since being sacked by 2014-15 champions, Chelsea, after a pretty bad start to the 2015/16 campaign. He has been heavily linked with Manchester United and seems like the only viable option to several ex United players like Phil Neville. (BBC Sport)

If this case is to be true, Louis Van Gaal’s sacking should be announced by Monday to the delight of several fans, perhaps something to aid the Monday morning blues?

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Even after all this, Louis Van Gaal stays adamant to the belief that the board has full confidence in him, Manchester United and Jose himself have said nothing particular about it as well.


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