Editorial : Introducing “Today In BPL”

Written By: Bhavdeep Singh

The Barclays Premier League 2015/16 season came to an end on 18th May followed by the FA Cup on the 21st and the UEFA Champions League on the 28th, and with it, pretty much all of domestic football came to a halt for a while.

Football fans all over the world are now excited for the two international tournaments, the UEFA Euros and the Copa America, with the former starting on the 10th of June and the latter on the 3rd and I will be covering both of them in detail, there still are a few friendly matches but most people see them as a period of injury.

While the seasons have come to an end, the Premier League itself hasn’t really stopped, with new, legendary managers coming in, the excitement for the next season is at an all time high, added to that is the coming in of new players, keeping track of all the excitement and separating the news from the rumours is not everyone’s cup of tea. So starting June 1st, we are going to do that for you, with Today in BPL

The column is meant to keep you updated with the latest happenings at your favourite club, it will include a set of headlines and links to the articles along with our thoughts on them. So if you haven’t already followed us, be sure to hit that button because there is no better way to get informed about your favourite club.

See you in June



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