Today In BPL : 2/06/2016

Written By : Bhavdeep Singh

Hello world

This is the first article for the new column, I’ll just guide you through it, below are the names of your teams as headings and under them are articles related to them, these are the freshest articles on the web so don’t expect us to put Xhaka to Arsenal rumours on here.

The source has been linked for your convenience and you can click it to be directed to the article itself, the names of the teams have also been linked if you want to check out official news for yourself

Thanks for coming on The Premier League Way and see you again tomorrow!


AFC Bournemouth

Thoughts : From the Premier League to the Championship? They’ll have to pay a huge sum to ensure his arrival 


  • Arsenal eyeing a move for Gabriel Barbosa as Ospina heads to Besiktas                       (via The Mirror)

Thoughts : Gabriel Barbosa first, he seems to be ready to shake up the Copa America later this month, if he develops at Arsenal, I don’t see a lot going wrong not as much of a gamble as you would think. Ospina now, personally, I don’t think it’d be a good move, to be frank, I don’t think this will go through, we can wait and see. 


  • Billy Hamilton “Burnley trio will have the time of their lives at the Euros”                (via Lancashire Telegraph)

Thoughts :  To quote Walter White “You’re goddamn right”



  • Conte moving towards signing Roma defender Antonio Rudiger                                     (via Evening Standard)

Thoughts : Low chance, the German was on loan from Stuttgart and Roma bought him this week for 7 million, they either might not sell or would demand a hefty fee, do Chelsea need it? Yes but are there better alternatives? Certainly

  • Conte given unlimited transfer funds for the summer (via Daily Star)

Thoughts : If you were wondering why I included the previous article if I don’t think its likely, this is the reason, with unlimited transfer funds, Conte can move for Rudiger and pay a hefty price if asked to, also, Abramovic seems desperate for a title with the amount of money he’s willing to shell out. All the best Chelsea.

Crystal Palace

Thoughts : Will probably do an article about every team’s kits once they’re out but yellow? Not really no

  • Douglas Freedman admits he was wrong to leave the club (via Homesdale)

Thoughts : Well, he’s got the guts to admit it, that’s not something you see everyday and at least he didn’t do an outrageous dance after scoring first in an FA Cup final 


  • Unai Emrey is topping the list of prospective managers for the Toffees (via The Sun)

Thoughts : He’s won the Europa League with Sevilla, he can bring quite a bit to the table, would be interesting to see him and Klopp battle it out in the Merseyside derby. 

Hull City

  • Steve Bruce to make a decision in 10 days about his future (via Yorkshire Post)

Thoughts : A pretty awkward move by the man, I don’t see the confusion to be honest, you’ve been promoted, yes, it won’t exactly be Candy land but it’d be a fun adventure, let’s wait though.

Leicester City

Thouhgts : I wanted to put their names on the headline but then I wanted you to read this as well, they’re apparently close to signing Ron-Robert Ziegler and Luis Hernandez, a fine pair to up their defensive game 


  • Transfer plans for Liverpool, who comes in and who goes out (via

Thoughts : Goal did the job for me, a summary of the transfers in and out of Anfield, let’s keep the suspense on with this one, you’re welcome GOAL.

  • Liverpool with sights on Raphael Guerreiro (via Daily Star)

Thoughts : They’re racing with Borussia Dortmund they need to make an offer his current club can’t refuse and have to beat Dortmund with that, that’s a tough cookie.

Manchester City

  • Ikay Gundogan signs for Manchester City (via BBC Sport)

Thoughts : No one cared for this one and it happened, shouldn’t be much of a worry though, he stays injured for most of the season, but when in form, the man does his job well, it’ll be interesting to see what he can bring to the Premier League

  • City to pay 39 Million for Athletic Club’s Laporte (via The Guardian)

Thoughts : The defender would work well with an injury ridden Kompany, a good purchase if it goes through for them

Manchester United

  • Jose Mourinho doesn’t want to keep Ryan Giggs as assistant manager at Manchester United (via News Week)

Thoughts : We all saw it coming, he works best with Rui Faria and the rumours were there all along, of course this is one of them. 

  • Memphis Depay worried about his future under Jose Mourinho (via Mail Online)

Thoughts : And quite rightly so, hasn’t been given the chance, and when he has, he’s been okay, dropped from the FA cup squad for a reason and rumoured to head to Southampton, that’d be fun to watch though. 


  • Middlesbrough FC Academy youngsters who may be given first-team audition in pre-season (via Gazette Live)

Thoughts : Most of you skipped through this one for sure, if you didn’t, I have very less info about Middlesbrough,  so no thoughts here, I’m more excited to see what they bring to the table


  • Southampton boss Ronald Koeman being poached by Everton (via Mail Online)

Thoughts : Well this’d be interesting to watch, though there is a low chance this’d happen, Im seriously looking forward to seeing Unai Emrey in the Premier League

Stoke City

  • Linked with Sadio Berahino and eyeing a move for Zenit St Petersburg player Witsel     (via IB times)
  • Stoke linked with Inter player Jeison Murillo (via Stoke Sentinel)

Thoughts : Shaqiri and then these guys, they’re going big aren’t they?


Thoughts : They need someone for sure, either someone steps up or Sakho comes, one way or the other, they need to stop battling for relegation every year


Thoughts : He could pair up well with fellow Welshman Ashley Williams for a solid (well, semi-solid) defence 


  • Hugo Lloris turns down contract offer (via Independent)

Thoughts : That was a brave move, a great talent, but where’s he headed?


  • Watford are close to signing Pervis Estupinan (via Sky Sports)

Thoughts : Could provide some good attacking options, he’s young and versatile, can be deadly on the wing

West Brom

Thoughts : Noooo other news, that’s dull

West Ham


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