Euro 2016 : The Story So Far

Written By Bhavdeep Singh

Irregular posting is a shame, I know, I’ll work on that

Here’s a group wise synopsis of the three days of the Euro 2016

Group  A



  • France
  • Romania
  • Albania
  • Switzerland


  • France vs Romania : The opening match of the Euro 2016 was played between hosts France against Romania and it panned out as many would have thought, France’s strong midfield gave them quite an advantage when it came to a battle in the middle, however Romania’s defending wasn’t all that bad, especially in the first half. Quite unsurprisingly, France opened the scoring with Giroud using his head on Payet’s cross, but the joy was short lived as Stancu scored from the spot in the 65th minute. It was Dimitri Payet’s stunnning shot that later in the game that allowed France to take home the win.
  • Albania vs Switzerland : The result of this one was pretty clear as well, as predicted, Switzerland opened the scoring in just 5 minutes, and while both teams had further attempts on goal, the match ended at 1-0, not as entertaining as the opener if you ask me.

Group  B



  • Wales
  • England
  • Russia
  • Slovakia


  • Wales vs Slovakia : A lot of the goals scored in this tournament were the goalkeeper’s fault, the first one was no different. It had to be Gareth Bale who scored from a free kick in under 10 minutes to give Wales the lead, after a few tussles, and a box to box game, Slovakia equalised after HT with Duda scoring in the 61st minute, but this seems to be the tournament for late goals, and keeping up with that, Robson Kanu’s goal in the 81st minute allowed Wales their first ever Euro final win. A historical day for them.
  • England vs Russia : Most of you already know of this one, the match ended as a draw but in no way was it boring, well, at least for the English fans. People were slightly skeptical about playing Sterling and even more so about Harry Kane taking corners. Despite all of that, England did open the scoring with Eric Dier’s magnificent free kick. Later on in the game as captain Wayne Rooney was subbed off for Jack Wilshere because he needed minutes, the attack seemed to die down, to make things “better” Roy Hodgson introduced James Milner for Raheem Sterling, and that was that for the English attack. Now it came down to defence, and England, being their usual selves, bottled in the 92nd minute to allow Russia to score (it was a magnificent goal by Berezutski though, you have to give him that).

Group  C



  • Turkey
  • Croatia
  • Germany
  • Ukraine


  • Turkey vs Croatia : Another single goal match, but by no means was it boring, both teams got their chances but the Croatians were slight favourites, and it showed, they were confident and looked dangerous on the attack and everyone’s favourite, Luka Modric scored a magical volley from quite a distance to give the Croatians 3 points
  • Germany vs Ukraine : While football is one of the most unpredictable games in the world, this one was pretty easy to predict, Germany were the favourites and quite rightly so, the world champions were very dangerous in the first half as Mustafi scored in under 19 minutes. The lead relaxed them a little and the game started being distributed evenly, it became boring other than the occasional chance or two here and there, it was in its dying moments that the game actually became interesting, as Ukraine got very very close to scoring, and Germany scored with Ozil’s fantastic assist, which did most of the work for Schweinsteiger, who tapped it in to seal it up for the Germans

Group  D



  • Poland
  • Northern Ireland
  • Spain
  • Czech Republic


  • Poland vs Northern Ireland : I actually thought it’d be an easy win for Poland, they were of course, the dominant team when it came to possession, but the finishing was pretty sad, Northern Ireland seemed to be hanging by a lose thread in the first half as their goalkeeper kept them in the match, but it wasn’t long before the thread broke and none other than Milik, who was the powerhouse of the Polish, scored a good goal to give Poland all 3 points.
  • Spain vs Czech Republic : To be played on 13/6/16 full review will be up on the site within 12 hours of the match

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