Paul Pogba’s future takes another turn

Written By : Bhavdeep Singh

Paul Pogba is hands down one of the best midfielders in Europe at the moment and after shining for Juventus and France for so many years, has caught the eye of  several teams. However, after some brilliant performances in the ongoing  Euro championship, the interest in him has hit an all time high.


He’s been linked with the likes of Real Madrid and Manchester United and the transfer fee has only gone up. In a recent turn of events, Manchester United have apparently been told the price they’d have to pay for Juventus to consider their offer.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, Manchester United will have to pay a record breaking fee of more than 85 million pounds to bring the Frenchman back to Old Trafford. Is he worth the money though? Absolutely

Manchester United otherwise are also linked with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Julian Draxler and Henrik Mkhitaryan, but they seem to be holding on to at least one and might let that one go if the Pogba deal goes through.


However, it might not go through thanks to UEFA Champions League winners, Real Madrid. Manchester United does not offer Champions League football for another year at least, but Real Madrid does, a lot of competition in the squad could help Pogba grow further, and that’s exactly what he would find at Real, much more than what he would find at United (on the other hand, such competition might result in the player under performing and eventually being sold elsewhere (ref : James Rodriguez)). The only advantage he’d get at United over Real would probably be returning to the Premier League, where the competition between clubs is way more than what you’d find at La Liga.


It would certainly be interesting to see what Pogba could bring does he decide to sign for United, or it could just be another day another rumour, well whatever floats your boat eh?

Source : Sunday Telegraph

Images : Telegraph, Zimbio, Turnstyle,



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