How will Manchester City’s new signings fit into Pep Guardiola’s tactics?

Written By : Bhavdeep Singh

Have a look at how Manchester United players will adjust to Mourinho’s tactics 

Manchester City, another team that has already made 3 signings and yet another team which will be witnessing a new managerial era, and much like their neighbours, a world class one at that, also much like their neighbours, they seem to want to win the league after a not so impressive last season and seem to be working on that already.

Here’s how their three signings would fit into the squad and Pep’s tactics overall

Ikay Gundogan


While he hasn’t played directly under Pep Guardiola, Ikay Gundogan has played against his Bayern side for a long time, and being in the second major team (subject to argument) in the Bundesliga, he is no stranger to his tactics and style of play and that can be one of the primary reasons for him being signed so early, so much so that he hasn’t fully recovered from a dislocated knee cap yet.

His position should be simillar to what it was with Dortmund, at the back of the mid, and his basic job would be to regulate and dictate the play, having the 4th highest number of passes completed in the previous season despite his injury, Ikay Gundogan is pretty much the midfielder that city need to set the pace of their game. He could pair up well with De Bruyne having played against him during the Belgian’s time at Wolfsburg.

Gundogan would be a very important part of the team, in terms of skill and experience, while he would be important to dictate the play on the field, he would be one of the few who’s used to Guardiola’s style of play and would play an important role in introducing the rest of the squad, new signings and youngsters to it.

The basic concern that City fans have with Gundogan is that much like Kompany and David Silva, he could be injury prone, and that won’t really help them in the long run, but while latter suffer from repeated injuries in one specific area, Gundogan has no such history with a particular part of his body, of course, for all we know, the dislocated knee cap could cause a problem again if he’s played a lot, but there’s a high chance that Pep would regulate the squad to avoid exertion, so that should do the trick.



The Spanish international, unlike Gundogan, has played under Guardiola for an year at Barcelona, where his services were more prevalent in the B team, but its safe to say that he’s no stranger to the gaffer’s style of play as well, and much like Gundogan, should fit right into the team.

Pep likes to play with specialists, and that is probably why he took the advantage of a 13 million buy out clause on Nolito. While several think that he would be a bench warmer for much of the season, I suppose that by mid season, he would’ve made a place for himself, Sky Sports columnist Guillem Balague says

You will see the good Nolito, which probably was the Nolito from the first two Spain games and not so much of the last two

If that is to happen, then there won’t be much competition for him. Scoring 8 goals in 13 appearences for Spain, Nolito has a good international record behind him, he also has produced some magical moments for his former team, Celta Vigo, but, and this could be cause of concern for the Manchester City fans, he is not known to be very consistent. Then again, Celta Vigo didn’t have a lot of fit players, so that could be due to exertion and at 29, exertion is a major factor,  but if all goes well with the team and Guardiola rotates frequently, these little quirks could be eliminated easily.

Oleksandr Zinchenko


Manchester City seem to be planning way ahead with Zinchenko, having made his senior debut in October last year and played all 3 games for Ukraine in the ongoing European Championship, it isn’t a surprise that a lot of clubs were interested in the 19 year old.

There is a low chance that he’d be played a lot, but given the opportunity, there’s a high chance he could give some good competition to other youngsters and with a few good displays, he could very well make the first team soon enough.

His advantage is his age, at 19, he has a long way to go, he can take this time to adjust to the Premier League and to gain plenty of experience, other than that, he’s already famous for his set pieces and crosses, so not a lot to worry about.

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