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Done By : Bhavdeep Singh

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FPL Tips : An Introduction

FPL, for me, is creating a team that could get me maximum points in a given game week while at the same time keeps me at a decent position in my league (preferably a private one) and that is how I will be giving the tips in the future as well

Before we begin with the team itself, you should know what this series of articles will be about. Since this is the first game week, I will be introducing and discussing a squad that I’ve picked for this one and as the weeks go by, I’ll be updating the squad and discussing the transfers as they happen. The criteria for choosing a squad is simple, the fixture, the ICT index, which is a new addition to FPL, and a history of the performance of the player. Finally, I hope that I’m able to help you strengthen your squad and move up the ranks in your own league

All the best


Starting 11

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 2.34.14 am


David de Gea

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 11.49.29 pm

The Manchester United goalie was arguably the best one last season, he missed out on the golden glove after a late own goal by Chris Smalling in the very last match of the campaign, but his goal keeping skills have placed him at the top of the list for several FPL managers

Having a high enough influence but obviously no creativity or threat (since he isn’t an out field player) gives him an ICT index of 61.7, which is quite decent, in addition to that, he faces Bournemouth in the first game week and has relatively “easy” opponents in the following 2-3 weeks as well. As far as his history goes, we do see a steady rise in the nimber of points from the 2012/13 to the 2015/16 season, so that’s sorted out as well.

So overall, with a decent score and a weaker opposition (as compared to other top notch keepers), David De Gea is my goal keeper for the first few weeks at least



Nicolás Otamendi

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 11.56.07 pm

Otamendi played his first season in the Premier League and its quite safe to say that he was placed bang in the middle if it comes to the defensive skill, neither exceptionally good nor bad. However, he does get a huge advantage of being started when fit, with Kompany out for majority of last season, he did seem to command the defence well and that’s exactly what I’m playing at, if he gets a start in an otherwise unstable City defence, then he’s your man if you need a defender from that team, simple as that.

As far as the scores go, he does seem to have a huge influence (again, the commanding factor comes in) and is a huge threat, he does miss out on creativity, but he’s a defender, so that’s no biggie. All three combined give us an ICT index of 121.3 which is again, not that bad. He has just played one season and that didn’t go too well for City overall, so he didn’t score as much in my opinion, however, with a new era around the corner, things could go well for the man.

He faces Sunderland at home for the first game but does have a few risky games in the first 4 weeks, West Ham and Man. United being the causes of concern, however, since he faces a relatively “easy” opponent this week and has the home advantage as well, I would expect him to keep a clean sheet. That gives him the captain’s armband for this week, that would be about 12 points guaranteed. (18 if you play the triple captain card/power up)

Wes Morgan

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 12.07.27 am

The captain of the defending champions makes something of a surprise appearance in the team, he did have a decent last season, especially after Ranieri promised to give him pizza for every clean sheet he kept (no wonder he looks like he’s gained a few). Jokes apart though, Wes Morgan does seem to have an edge over other captains in the back 4, he is commanding and quite good at what he does as well, there’s not a lot more you can ask for.

With a huge influence and again a good enough threat stat, he does seem to make the cut with a total ICT index of 120.5. He faces Hull City in the first game but does face a lot of tough games in the first four weeks, in fact, his second game is up against Arsenal at home, so he might just be the very first transfer for this team. However, there is a high chance that he will keep a clean sheet against Hull and that gives him a place in my team.

Ashley Williams

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 12.25.56 am

The Welshman is an impeccable defender in my opinion, and that’s why he deserves a place in the team. He is known to be quite versatile and does a good job of commanding the defence. Along with impressing in the Euros, he does seem to have that tactical mind and strong stature that is quite important for a defender.

As far as the stats go, he has a HUGE influence on the team overall, and has a greater threat and creativity stat than any other defender in the lineup which overall gives him an ICT index of 152.4 which is quite good. His points have seen a steady rise in the past few years, so he’s covered in all areas.

He is away to Burnley with Swansea on the opening day of the season and faces Hull in the second week, however, things do get slightly rocky for him when it comes to the last two weeks of the month with a huge match up against Chelsea in the fourth week, but that’s where the substitute defender comes in, so this one seems to be here to stay.

Luke Shaw

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 12.33.36 am

Another surprising defender, Luke Shaw was out for most of last season, so what gives him a place in my squad? First of all, Manchester United, as a team seem to be struggling with left backs, most of them being either plain bad or not belonging to that position, so he is guaranteed a start in all matches for the first four weeks at least. Second, he does seem to impress the new manager in pre season, of course, it’s a different ball game altogether (not literally), but it does make an account for something.

The lad has a ton of talent and wishes to hit the ground running, I smell success and that’s why he gets a spot in my team. As far as stats go, being out for most of the season has had an impact on the numbers which gives him a total ICT index of a measly 21.6 but he shall prevail, or so I hope.

Much like his teammate, he is away to Bournemouth for the first game of the season, while that’s not a sure shot clean sheet, the chances of one are high.


Kevin De Bruyne

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 12.42.31 am

The Belgian made his return to the Premier League last season and did everything but disappoint, with some great creativity and vision, he is a managers dream midfielder and a defenders worst nightmare, he linked up quite well with David Silva and Sergio Aguero to give Manchester City that attacking edge over other teams.

Statistically, he has a great influence and is a big threat but look at that creativity stat 1238.57, that is a huge number, which grants him an ICT index of 253.9, another huge figure. As far as the history goes, not much can be said of it as he was out for two seasons but he did of course improve and that’s the main thing. He also does not seem like a one season wonder after some good games in the European Championship.

He is at home against Sunderland and that does give me an advantage, goals will be scored, and assists will be made, there is a high chance that either of the two (or both for all you know) would have his name on them and that’s why KDB is here to stay.

Mesut Özil

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 12.55.50 am.png

Not a lot can be said of the man, other than the fact that he is one of the most brilliant players the sport has ever seen, wrapping up a whopping 19 assists in the previous season itself, Mesut Özil is a machine of destruction. His visionary and tactical mind are the things that have sold him to most FPL managers out there, and I’m no different.

Statistically speaking, I was awed at De Bruyne’s stats a moment ago, this stuff is off the charts altogether. With an influence and creativity stat in 4 digits and a threat stat very close to that, Mesut Özil has a total ICT index of 429.9. I doubt someone has a greater score than this. There isn’t as much of a trend in his 3 seasons as a Premier League player but that boost from 103 to 200 cannot be unseen and after impressing in the Euros, he does seem to want to carry on his form and that’s pretty much ideal.

He faces a tough challenge in the first few weeks against Liverpool and Leicester City, but that would be all the more fun to watch since these matches are, in my opinion, bound to guarantee goals and assists, being the main man for the gunners, he will tend to make an impact on the game. Much like KDB, he’s here to stay as well

Dimitri Payet

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 1.04.01 am

If you saw the 2015/16 season of the Premier League and you haven’t got Payet in your squad or even in the back of your head, you know nothing of the sport. Dimitri Payet was another one of the best midfielders out there, providing some flamboyant assists and scoring from unimaginable distances, he won the hearts of many West Ham fans and the trust  of several FPL managers.

The numbers support his case and give him a total ICT index of 345.7, can’t say much about that, he’s just that good. The more interesting part is the fact that last season was his very first in the Premier League, to what he can do in the next few seasons is pretty much overwhelming.

He has a alternating schedule for the first few weeks, being away to Arsenal but then facing Bournemouth, then going to the Etihad but being back at the Olympic Stadium for  a match against Watford. He could very well score/assist at least one goal in all games if he continues his form which, judging by his performances in the Euros, has only gone up.

Darren Fletcher

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 1.12.42 am

Buying those three top guns does come at a cost and that is getting a not so good midfielder for lesser money, getting your costing right is always a priority. However, though he isn’t right at the top, Darren Fletcher is indeed a decent squad member, he might be transferred later on for an underdog that could start performing all of a sudden, but that’s a long shot.

Statistically, again, he isn’t at the top, classifies as a mid level, average player and has a total ICT index of 125.9. But he’s bound to get you points, being the captain of West Brom, there’s a low chance that he’d not be started if he’s fit, so that’s two points right there, if he does keep a clean sheet, even better. History wise, he’s scored his maximum points last season and that’s promising, but getting just three assists in a ton of matches is a worrying factor.

West Brom are away to Crystal Palace for the opener and face a tough challenge against Everton the following week but its smooth sailing from there for a minimum of three weeks. Overall, its a gamble but one that I can afford after having a heavy midfield anyway.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 1.33.33 am

Okay, this one is probably because I’m a United fan, but come on, its Zlatan, the man is beast. He scored within three minutes of his debut as a Manchester United player, that has to count for something. Zlatan is another gamble I think, but a safe one, he seems to me, like a person who could score 20-25 goals this season, that’s pretty much all I need to rise to the top of the leagues at the moment.

This will be his debut season so no stats are available, same goes for any history. As far as the fixtures are concerned, he faces Bournemouth in his first ever Premier League game and relatively “easy” oppoents for the next two weeks, his biggest challenge comes on 10th September when he faces Manchester City at home, now that should be a fun game to watch.

Romelu Lukaku

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 1.41.06 am

Another “in form” man last season, Romelu Lukaku was sure to score in every game he played, he wrapped up 18 goals last season which isn’t all that bad and gave serious competition to the likes of Aguero, Vardy and Kane for the golden boot. He did however, start to lose out by the end of it all. But is Lukaku a gamble? Not really, after his recent performances in the Euros and the fact that the giants are looking to get him, he is pretty much on top of everything.

His stats tell you a lot about him, raking up  four figured threat stat is far from disappointing and with an overall ICT of 354, Lukaku does seem like a viable option for most FPL managers (especially if you’re low on money, he’s £2.0 less than Harry Kane)

He faces relatively easy opponents after a opening clash against Spurs at home, and is bound to score in a lot of those matches, as far as the difficult matches go, he does tend to get singled out if the midfield isn’t working well but let’s hope Ronald Koeman is working on that.

The Bench

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 4.51.26 pm

Kristoffer Nordfeldt

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 4.52.28 pm

With just £4.5 remaining, Nodrdfeldt was a forcefully bought goalie, I won’t be starting him in any week till he’s there, and might ship him out after a price change, however, till then, he stays on the bench and de Gea gets transferred if he faces a tough opponent

Statistically, he just played a game last season which gives him an influence of 35 and further an ICT index of just 3.5, so, yep, there are better goalies for the same price point, if you find any, let me know in the comments

John Terry

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 4.57.22 pm

After almost leaving Chelsea at the end of the season, John Terry seems to be back for one final shot at it. I do not, however, expect him to start all games, as he did in the 2014/15 season, but coming in at £5.5, he does make a cheap sub that can be played from time to time.

He does have a good enough influence and a decent threat, creativity is low but then again, he’s a defender. As far as the history goes, he’s scored the least points in a few years last season and that’s one of the primary reasons that he may be shipped off soon enough as well (when the prices change). Chelsea face West Ham united on the opening day and that’s another reason why he’s on the bench for this one.

Mile Jedinak

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 5.02.26 pm

The Australian, while not the top pick for most managers, does tend to offer a decent alternative to Darren Fletcher, he’s guaranteed a start in most matches provided he stays fit, and that’s pretty much all that’s needed of him if you have the three big guns playing.

His influence, creativity and threat are all average, but then again, Crystal Palace are a mid table team with mid level players, you cannot expect Zlatan quality from them simple as that. He gets a total ICT index of 65.5 which is another reason Fletcher is starting the game although the two face each other. I will be able to make a better decision regarding form and the better player overall after watching the match itself.

Rouwen Hennings

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 5.10.31 pm

There’s not a lot of him when it comes to the FPL site, in fact, it would be his first season in the Premier League itself. However, I did some research on him and after signing for Burnley last season, he made 26 appearances, but scored only 1 goal. Now, the point is that there is a better striker out there, but he’s expensive, at £4.5 he’s again, a decent enough forward if you need 2 quick points, although I do not feel I would start him any time soon, he’s just there.

Not a lot of stats to talk about other than the ones mentioned above, you can check out his wiki if you’re interested


This is of course the first draft of the team and with just a few days to go for the start of the season, I might introduce a few changes. As always, I’m open to suggestions, so if you have any, feel free to drop them in the comments below or on the site’s social media.

Finally, I have created a League on FPL for The Premier League way, you can check it out and add yourself using the code : 12474-208940

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