The Paul Pogba Saga Continues : Bad news for United fans?

Done By : Bhavdeep Singh

Manchester United fans were buzzing at the very thought of having Paul Pogba back at Old Trafford and it seems as if the thought is about to turn into reality. After being dragged on for ages (so much so that the site was able to take a week’s time off), the Paul Pogba to Manchester United saga seems to be in its twilight stage.


Or is it?

As per reports from the Daily Star which were cited by The Telegraph, the Pogba deal is being stalled by Juventus till a replacement for him is lined up. Brilliant. This seems to be getting out of hand now, although this is the biggest deal in football history, it seems to be dragging on for all eternity. I do get Juve’s point though, Paul Pogba is a very important aspect and to give him away without having a replacement would be simply idiotic.

The Italian champions were most recently linked with Blaise Matuidi from PSG and Nemaja Matic from Chelsea, both of which are pretty good at their game, I just hope Juve sign either of them as soon as possible because the Pogba saga is getting frustrating.


This also comes as a shock to many as only a day ago, there were strong claims that a deal had been finalised between the two clubs and Pogba was just a few signatures away from being a Manchester United player, but it just couldn’t happen without one last spell of drama.

There will be an article talking about his price soon enough so keep an eye out for that, other than that, this is all there is about Pogba and unless you want to constantly open your phone/computer and google “pogba”, you can follow the site on Twitter for the latest news on this saga.

Image Sources : espnfc, Daily Mail

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