Paul Pogba final Update + Date Of Announcement

Done By : Bhavdeep Singh

If you havent already, you can catch up with the entire saga here

All reports of Juventus trying to stall Paul Pogba’s transfer were rendered obsolete as Manchester United announced his arrival in an official club statement before their match against Leicester City for the community shield.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 1.39.32 pm

A simple one line statement which clarified all doubt, Juventus later confirmed the state of affairs in a statement themselves.

All in all, Juventus have allowed Paul Pogba to sign for Manchester United, subject to a medical.

Official Announcement

As far as the dates go, this is a rough estimate, but all I have done is join the dots.

According to reports by Manchester Evening News, Pogba secretly flew into England on Sunday the 7th, after Jose Mourinho asked him to get things done in the week, in fact, I do believe that there’s some truth to it, since an announcement without his arrival would be ambiguous and would make the club look stupid.

If Pogba is indeed in England, he should be able to have his medical on Monday the 8th, and if it goes through, should be announced by Monday evening or Tuesday (9th) morning tops. In a post match press conference, Jose Mourinho said that he “would be waiting for him on Tuesday”, I think he meant waiting on the training ground, which would mean that his transfer should be completed by today.

So hang on for an announcement soon enough because Paul Pogba is back at Manchester United.

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