FPL GW1 Squad 2nd Draft

Done By : Bhavdeep Singh

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According to some comments that I got on the last draft on the FPL team, I happened to take a look into the transfer market for better alternatives

Here is a second draft of The Premier League Way’s FPL team

Starting 11

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 3.00.40 pm.png

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 3.20.56 pm


  • Stones for Otamendi : The transfer of John Stones pretty much secured him a place in the back four of City, this is a match where I don’t want to take a risk since Otamendi’s place is slightly unsettled, therefore, he was sold off to make room for Stones
  • Fernandez for Williams : Swansea haven’t lost to Burnley in a Premier League match and since the latter have just been promoted, I think Swansea have a better chance of winning, with a clean sheet even. Besides, Williams lacked match fitness after his transfer to Everton which did not allow him to start this match in the first place, therefore his substitution was the next in line Swansea defender
  • Dier for Fletcher : While I was carrying out my transfers, I noticed that I had enough money to invest in a decent midfielder, Dier was the only one that fit the budget and had a good season last time out, he was an obvious choice.
  • Kante for Özil : Arsene Wenger ruled Özil out pretty early on, which meant that he would not start in the first match at least, which was sad, but relieving as well, since he is pretty costly, upon referring to the scout, I understood that N’Golo Kante would be a good replacement, considering the price skill ratio.
  • Aguero for Lukaku : When I carried out the previous transfer, I had enough funds to purchase a decent striker, now I could very well let go of Hennings and buy an average striker, but since City are facing a relatively weaker opponent at home, and I had enough funds after selling Lukaku, Aguero seemed like a very good option. I sincerely hope it bears fruit
  • Fabainski for Nordfeldt and de Gea : Another flexible funds case, I happened to notice that there’s just a 1.0 difference between Nordfledt and Fabianski and my recent transfers allowed me to spend exactly that. It was therefore logical to get the number 1 for a team instead of a goalie who doesn’t really play. As far as why Fabinaski instead of de Gea, the Swansea Burnley match should be more comfortable and should give me a clean sheet, or so I think

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