The following are the changes for the 2016/17 edition of The Premier League Way

  • A new theme : I’ve gone with the Apostrophe theme for this season, to mix things up a little, it removes any unnecessary clutter and gives the site an overall cleaner look while complementing the blue theme of the site. Do let me know what you think in the comments
  • A Twitter feed : The site’s most active social account is on  Twitter (still working on getting Instagram and Facebook more attention, do follow if you haven’t already) and so I’ve added a Twitter feed to the sidebar so you can keep up with it while reading your favourite articles
  • An Announcements section : You know those personal little things that aren’t big enough to make articles about but you still want your readers to know them? That’s what the announcements section is all about, it gives you the latest about the site and the Premier League overall, thereby complementing the overall point of the site
  • An Instagram account : Notice the new Icon in the “Find us on” section on the sidebar? Click on that to follow the site’s Instagram account, so if you want to be updated about all the clubs without having to raise the number of people you’re following by 20 (people are quite serious about that, apparently), this is the account to follow
  • Writers’ Signup : I’ve completely changed the way you can be a writer for the site, you can very well be a regular writer by simply signing up, but a number of people that I have met say that they do indeed wish to write but are unable to, for whatever reason. Now to solve that, the site shall launch “The PL Way Writers’ Academy”, which basically is a newsletter system that brings you tips and tricks of the top writers in the industry right to your inbox, talk about convenience. It is however still an idea, I haven’t given it an exact date of launch, be sure to tell me if you’re excited for it though

Anything you want to see added to the site? Let me know in the comments (other than the league table, that’s the most problematic thing in the universe at the moment)

Till next time then